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Lily Cunningham, M. Ed. is an advocate, ally, and therapist who writes about their experiences with mental health and domestic abuse, from the perspective a white non-binary person, and with a determination to honestly examine the systemic injustices and oppression which promote the fallacy of white supremacy.

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Mount Olive Baptist Church, church and cemetery of the late Reverend Jacob Cossart, my seventh great-grandfather, and father of Mary Cozad, grandfather of Charity Hinesman.

White Supremacy Lies I Used To Believe

I wrote about being raised to be a Christian Nationalist...

Image shows two girls standing facing one another. One with blonde braids and one with darker hair in the same style. They appear to stand in a woods, wearing older fashioned, feminine clothing. The blonde girl is covered neck to wrist wearing a dress. The darker haired girl faces her wearing more modern black clothing. They face one another and seen in profile

Racism as a Legacy Burden

My therapist introduced me to the concept of legacy burdens....

Image of the cast in costume from Showtime's series The Tudors. Left to right are Gabrielle Anwar as Margaret Tudor; Sam Neill as Bishop Thomas Wolsey in a red cap and red robe; Jeremy Northam as Sir Thomas More in black, standing next to the Bishop. Seated before him in black wearing a crown is Maria Doyle Kennedy playing the role of Katherine of Aragon, Queen of England and Catholic daughter of the Queen of Castille and King of Aragon; beside her standing in gold wearing a crown is Natalie Dormer as Lady Anne Boelyn, Mistress to King Henry VIII and Queen of England; next to her on the right of the image, seated, is Jonathan Rhys Meyers, playing King Henry VIII, King of England

White Supremacy Starts In The Family

I was raised in white supremacy - having learned it...

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My curiosity is my greatest strength. It has completely shifted my way of thinking when I have an emotional reaction to something if I instead shift into curiosity mode. I stop to ask myself, “Why am I angry at this? Why am I so sure of something?”

My curiosity helps me observe patterns of individual and collective behavior patterns.

Lily by Paul Becker, at a 2021 rally for Ma' Khia Bryant
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White Racist Violence Is Out Of Control

Racist violence isn’t new. It’s as old as the United

dark background with white figure of a person throwing a red swastika in the trash. Trash is labeled "trash". Keep your country in white lettering around top. nice and clean it reads, at the bottom.

Stop White Nationalism

All non-racist white people have a duty to use white

Illustration of people with different hair color, hair styles, skin tones, and clothing, suggesting transgender identity and representing pride.

What Is Gender Affirming Care In Therapy?

Part of the conversation that’s overlooked is gender-affirming care in

Identity Christians and the Republican Party

Identity Christians are anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, anti-Black, Republican Party darlings who

Ohio House Bill 83 Endangers Education

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the very core of the

Mental Health Calls Don’t Need Police

I received the same message, over and over again: Daddy’s

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