LJ Cunningham

Dear Harry: A Letter About PTSD & More

Global colonization – led by the British Monarchy – is responsible for deaths of millions of peoples across the world.

Post Published: February 16, 2023
6 February, 2023
Prince Harry


Dear Harry,

Congratulations on becoming independent of the British Monarchy, with your memoir.

As a survivor of childhood PTSD myself, you and I have many similarities: we’re close in age, we seem to have shared values, we’re both very invested in being safe and raising our children safely. Unfortunately for you, perhaps, is that your family has direct power and influence which mine does not.

Did you know that PTSD changes our DNA?

Did you know that state violence and genocide impacts families for generations? It shouldn’t be the norm to suffer because past generations have suffered, as you understand.

I’m pleased to invite you to begin the work of global decolonization and reparations.

Global colonization – led by the British Monarchy and upheld by your family – is responsible for deaths of millions of peoples across the world.

As your work currently centers mental wellness, here are my suggestions for greater impact:

  1. Recognize, publicly, your powerful role within the global sphere, not just within your biological family-of-origin.
  2. Recognize, internalize, and connect with the difficult emotions that come with understanding the great damages done which you, intentionally or not, uphold so long as you do not speak against  it yourself.
  3. Shift your work in mental health to prevention. Use your expertise, life experience, and powerful global recognition to provide those most impacted by the bloody realities of British Colonial rule reparations.
  4. Accept that no longer being in the Firm does not absolve you from your role in actively causing harm so long as you’re not stopping the current colonization and erasure of peoples worldwide. 
  5. Listen to the Black and Indigenous peoples worldwide who today know the pain of your family’s rule in the present day. Dedicate yourself to stopping genocide and trauma from happening again.


Harry, it’s a joy to see you flourishing with your wife and family.

Please help us in the rest of the world feel this same sense of safety.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Most of all, thank you for showing us that anyone can separate from their toxic families.



Lily Cunningham

Dublin, Ohio




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