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Normalizing White Christian Nationalism Is Killing Everyone.

In America white supremacy norms are collectively accepted and facilitate legislation that threatens us all.

Post Published: June 6, 2023

White Nationalism / Supremacy threaten our National Security. 

President Joe Biden was clear in his May 15th commencement address to Howard University: “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.” What wasn’t so clear to me from Mr. Biden’s speech was how the President defines white supremacy and nationalism.

In Ohio, white violence is so common, it’s difficult to untangle what exactly white supremacy is…

I define white supremacy and address white nationalism here.

“‘White supremacy,’ [is] the systemic norms and professional conduct we expect socially, politically, and in our daily lives.

“White supremacist” is defined as an individual who believes in the genetic, superior, race of white peoples or “Aryans.”

“White nationalist” ideologies may be formal or informal, and are outlined on the SPLC and ADL websites.

Let’s talk about how to tell when you’re confronted by white nationalist ideologies. And why that’s important.

White Supremacy Is.

White supremacy is the reason why NYC Karen and Daniel Penny don’t have the same justice system experiences that Tamir Rice and Elijah McClain had. The baseline of our white, Christian nation, always caters to white comfort first. White Christian Nationalism is already primed in the U.S. and rewarded for this reason.

Christian Identity hate ideology is easily recognizable by those who adhere to it.

“…five basic beliefs that would become the core tenets of Christian Identity doctrine. These were that Adamites represented Aryans as the chosen, that nonwhites were tainted through race-mixing, that the serpent in the story of the Fall was not a reptile, but the Devil himself, that the seedline of Cain came through a union of Satan (the serpent) and Eve, and that the Jews were descended from this unholy line and thus had a natural propensity for evil.” (WikiPedia).

It is the framework as described above, from which all hate speech, symbolism, and behaviors spring from. Online, in person, at church, at work, at home. Anywhere.

Our Society Normalizes White Nationalism and Hate.

Screencap of MSNBC News anchor in black suit jacket with red tie and glasses, interviewing two men about a white supremacist website.

“White supremacy” is discoursed everywhere. Politicians and pundits rightfully blame Republican Christo-fascists for anti-trans legislation. White hate isn’t political, though. It’s a value system based on white nationalism, which promotes the idea that America belongs to white people. It’s also inherently counter to one’s comfort to confront one specific religion. Especially in a country whose accepted origin narrative – itself rooted in white supremacy – is rooted in the lie that this country was built by those seeking religious freedom.

Recognizing White Nationalism is Key to Progress.

White Christian Nationalism overlaps a lot of Christian norms. It’s not Christianity. It doesn’t need a specific leader, place or community.

Key giveaways for recognizing white Christian nationalism includes:

  1. favoring white Christians
  2. defining only white Christians as people with human rights
  3. recognizing Christianity as the only way to seek God; authoritarian control over one’s children
  4. fear and suspicion of medical care and science
  5. living in poverty or purporting to be living in poverty
  6. feeling persecuted for being a white Christian.

In politics, favoring “decorum” is the white supremacy and white hate that censured the Justins; yet facilitates time and again public abuse by legislators so that trans people in this country have humanity.

Aa a nation, we’ve already accepted these norms of white supremacy. And our collective acceptance actively facilitates legislation which legitimizes white hate in the United States.

We Must Reject White Nationalism to Return to Democracy.

Recognizing white Christian hate is key to stopping the rising tide of fascism. That looks difficult and very different, depending on one’s position.

Read this checklist with care. It’s difficult to read because it’s hateful.

White people in Christian spaces who consider themselves antiracist must be familiar with these mentalities. We must understand what we’re rejecting. We, as white people, can inadvertently do more harm to the collective simply by ignoring or leaving behind past religious affiliation if it rings any of these bells.

Advocates, media personalities, and pundits must familiarize themselves with Christian Identity and refuse to host people who fit these values.

Ignoring and Assimilating Don’t Stop Hate; It Fuels It.

The checklist should be read with care. It’s difficult to read because it’s hateful.

Prior to 2016, a lot of white liberals I knew discounted the intelligence of Donald Trump. He was too racist to take seriously. He wasn’t smart enough to be taken seriously. I see in my feed today ableist posts about all the most traitorous Republicans who still hold office.

This is an S.O.S. to my fellow white people, especially those of us raised in Christian, white, homes. It is up to us to stop paving the way for white hate. Our first concern should center that traitorous Republicans still hold office. Speculating on their intelligence is a waste of time. It’s also using the same white supremacy ideals. Unwittingly, perhaps, you fell for discounting one’s intelligence. We don’t need to be this way.

2015’s problematic uncle is today’s Patriot Front bro on the Capitol.

Advocates for trans rights must stop upholding the unfair baseline upholding white Christians and white Christian ideals. Opponent testimony especially, should not center the same demographics as the legislators who write it.

Trans media personalities must learn this and use it to stop facilitating and participating in hate ideology. Platforms must consistently center antiracism.

I’m interested in other’s experiences or thoughts. Post below or email me if you feel like you’ve been in a church and/or family like this. I want to hear from you.



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