LJ Cunningham

Recommended Resources

A listing of resources/recommendations by Lily to help expand your awareness and support


Ola Ojewumi

Whether it's been for equal rights or her very own

ASAN Autistic Self Advocacy Network

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network seeks to advance the principles

People’s Justice Project

The leading goal of the PJP is the reduction of

Exvangelical Podcast

Coming to terms with a messed up subculture. One conversation

Recovering From Religion

peer support and professional support to individuals grappling with questions

Harm Reduction International

committed to centring equity and highlighting the negative impact of


fosters difficult discussions with white women over dinner.

The Socialist Rifle Association

to uphold the right of the working class to keep

National Harm Reduction Coalition

National Harm Reduction Coalition creates spaces for dialogue and action

The SOAR Initiative

The SOAR Initiative work to prevent overdoses and save lives

Food Not Bombs

an all-volunteer movement that recovers food that would otherwise be

Nineke Creative

a boutique digital for women, minorities, and creative entrepreneurs


TransOhio is Ohio’s first and largest trans equality organization.

Trans Formations Project

protect trans kids one bill at a time, together.

Darius A. Green

Darius A. Green is passionate about bringing topics of multiculturalism,


Building radical youth power in Central Ohio and beyond!

Women Have Options – Ohio

The National Network of Abortion Funds builds power with members

VPS Reports

documentary filmmaking and independent journalism


LANDBACK is a movement that has existed for generations with

Heal With Bri

the future depends on our capacity to heal.

Health Justice

Helping healthcare and public health organizations center anti-racism and equity


Fighting for a world where Black LGBTQ+ people from all

Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club

ohn Brown Gun Club isn’t so much an organization as


Native Land is an app to help map Indigenous territories,

This Grieving Life

Nelba Márquez-Greene is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing

Alex Hardy

Alex is a grits-powered writer, home chef, & mental health

The Hotline

24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days

Articles by Lily J. Cunningham
Collage of Ohio representatives from top left, Bill Dean, Melanie Miller, Jennifer Gross who is standing beside Kyle Rittenhouse; and Beth Lear who is aiming a gun

How Should the People Respond to the Undemocratic Ohio GOP?

Ohio Republicans Bill Dean, Melanie Miller, Beth Lear, and Jennifer...

a row of empty church pews

Pastors Push Politics at Ohio Pulpit

I’d posted online to speak to Ohio congregants told to...

A protester's hands are visible holding a sign that reads they are coming for your rights next. The ohio statehouse with the ohio and american flag are in the background

Vote For Issue 1 To Protect Reproductive Rights In Ohio

Everything to Know About the Vote to Pass Issue 1...

Mount Olive Baptist Church, church and cemetery of the late Reverend Jacob Cossart, my seventh great-grandfather, and father of Mary Cozad, grandfather of Charity Hinesman.

White Supremacy Lies I Used To Believe

I wrote about being raised to be a Christian Nationalist...

Image shows two girls standing facing one another. One with blonde braids and one with darker hair in the same style. They appear to stand in a woods, wearing older fashioned, feminine clothing. The blonde girl is covered neck to wrist wearing a dress. The darker haired girl faces her wearing more modern black clothing. They face one another and seen in profile

Racism as a Legacy Burden

My therapist introduced me to the concept of legacy burdens....

Image of the cast in costume from Showtime's series The Tudors. Left to right are Gabrielle Anwar as Margaret Tudor; Sam Neill as Bishop Thomas Wolsey in a red cap and red robe; Jeremy Northam as Sir Thomas More in black, standing next to the Bishop. Seated before him in black wearing a crown is Maria Doyle Kennedy playing the role of Katherine of Aragon, Queen of England and Catholic daughter of the Queen of Castille and King of Aragon; beside her standing in gold wearing a crown is Natalie Dormer as Lady Anne Boelyn, Mistress to King Henry VIII and Queen of England; next to her on the right of the image, seated, is Jonathan Rhys Meyers, playing King Henry VIII, King of England

White Supremacy Starts In The Family

I was raised in white supremacy - having learned it...

What Is Grooming? Ohio Republicans Know

Ohio Republicans continue to define grooming incorrectly -- and their...

Normalizing White Christian Nationalism Is Killing Everyone.

In America white supremacy norms are collectively accepted and facilitate...