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Ola Ojewumi

Whether it’s been for equal rights or her very own life, Ole Ojewumi has always been a fighter.

I became inspired to use my second chance at life to give back to my community through advocacy—But my health challenges didn’t stop there. Nearly a decade after my first near-death experience, I was diagnosed with cancer. Subsequently, I became a wheelchair user. Like most people, I thought, “This will never happen to me.”

But it did.

Living with a visible disability meant I was subject to unequal treatment not just from racist or ableist prejudices but also by laws and institutions. I was motivated to become a disability rights activist. I believe we are more than just our disabilities; we are people first who deserve all the freedoms afforded to the able-bodied. Whether it’s been for equal rights or my very own life, I have always been a fighter. Now, join me in fighting for a better America.


Ola Ojewumi


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Ola Ojewumi

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